Jainee Gandhi

Image Consultant  |  Style Curator  |  Sustainable Style Advocate

Everything You Wanted to Know About Style!

Now that you’re here, it’s time…

To get that fear of styling out of your mind, get closer to your personal style, and look fabulous every single time with the help of my style guide!

Download “Your Unique Body Code” Guide

Get started with a 3-Step Workbook to understand your unique body frame, shape & variation, and create a style that reflects your personality!

Ever wondered why that chic black dress or that stunning red Kurti or the super comfy loose denim did not look good on you but perfectly fine on your friend?

Well, it’s not just the weight, height, size, or age that defines our body. It’s equally important to understand your body code that takes into account the frame, shape, and variation. A piece of clothing looks good on one person may not look good on you even though you’ve the same weight and height.

Being confident about the way you style or the clothing you choose depends upon how closely you know your body and how well you understand it.

This Guide will Help You

  • To understand your body better by knowing the exact shape, frame, and variation
  • To shop the right clothes that enhance your overall personality
  • To influence others in developing a sense of positivity and acceptance of self
  • To be confident about your body and the way you dress
  • To build a wearable and sustainable wardrobe that reflects your authentic self
  • To develop a positive self-image by finding a style that flaunts you in the best way possible

Hi, I’m Jainee Gandhi

A Certified Image Professional (CIP) from The Association of Image Consultants (AICI), helping people learn everything about styling, choosing the right clothes, and building a wardrobe that is an extension of their authentic self.

I have been working as a style curator, highly featured image consultant, and sustainable style advocate for over 10 years now. I have successfully transformed the wardrobes of thousands of people and helped them become confident about their styling & dressing by giving them an image makeover.

With an aim to make styling easy and accessible for everyone, I share relatable, wearable, and simple fashion and styling hacks on social media and Youtube.

Would you like to know what’s your unique body code and what kind of clothes will flaunt your ultimate beauty?

Well, this guide will help you with just that. Download and start your image makeover!

How it helped them

Dr. Bhavi Modi - Homoeopathy Doctor

Excellent with her work. Understands what you will be comfortable with and will advise accordingly. No one understands Indian formals better than her. Jainee is just too good.

Sangya Mishra

Jainee has the much needed combination of aesthetic and practical approach toward wardrobe makeover. With the right emphasis on personal style, she can help enhance your body image. To top it all she is extremely approachable and the right person to go to when in doubt.

Leena Dadlani - Senior Professional, KPO

Jainee, thank you for helping me to shape up my new image. Because of this change, it not only helped me to develop confidence, but also self-love. You are just awesome, very kind and a good human being.

Lakshmi Geetha - Homemaker, Singapore

I had attended a session on styling hacks by Jainee and the tips she recommended has made my life easier!

Ms. Neha Arora - Financing Leader - Major IT Giant, Singapore

Jainee Gandhi is truly is gifted woman – one of the most confidant, classy, beautiful women I know. Her advise is on-target, her enthusiasm contagious, her approach no-nonsense, and her heart Genuine . She is the one stop shop if you’re interested in polishing your image, regaining your enthusiasm for life. It is a gift every woman should give herself!

Mr. Rajesh Mehra - Professional

Jainee has helped me understanding why grooming right , dressing for role is as much important as having technical skills. From choosing the correct shirt to ties, cufflinks , to what patterns suits me, everything got sorted. The stye file that she gave at the end of my sessions with her is my ready recknor, to be used when in doubt.